Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems
Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems

About Seafury

Seafury International's surface drives and propellers have been in production for over 20 years.

Over this period of time our product has been the centre of extensive research and development, resulting in a product of robust reliability, one that is simple and uncomplicated in design, low in maintenance and high in performance.

The Company's Founder and Senior Designer Dave Winter has had 30 years experience in the Marine Engineering field, of which 20 years has been manufacturing surface drives and propulsion equipment.

The Company operates out of premises in Auckland, New Zealand and Cairns, Australia and exports surface drives throughout the world.

Seafury are the world's first propulsion manufacturer to standardise their drive system for a 45° transom, greatly improving astern performance and overcoming an earlier criticism of surface propulsion.

All aspects of the Seafury Surface Drive system are manufactured to the very highest of marine standards and this is one of the reasons that Seafury drives are fitted on a large range of vessels world-wide.

Staff and Representatives

Dave Winter

Senior Designer

"Dave was the designer and creator of the original Seafury Surface Drive System 20 years ago, with over 30 years experience in the Marine Engineering field. He formed his own company in the 1980's in Marine Engineering and manufacturing, and then in 1988 started designing and building surface drives. Dave is one of the most highly respected surface drive consultants in the Southern Hemisphere. In his spare time he enjoys fishing around the waterways of Auckland."

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