Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems
Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems

Features & Benefits

The Ultimate Propulsion System

Seafury Surface Drives offer many advantages when compared to conventional drives, water jets, IP Drives, Stern Legs and the more complex surface drives.

Minimal moving parts with no external hydraulics or electrical components and a custom designed propeller for each vessel, makes this unit very simple to install, operate and maintain. All Seafury components are made from high quality, marine grade materials.

Higher Top Speeds

Seafury installations achieve 10% to 25% higher speeds with the same engine horse power compared to a number of alternative propulsion systems due to less underwater drag, and super-ventilating propeller technology.

Higher Cruise Speeds

By harnessing maximum torque and using carefully designed and developed varying pitched, fixed blade propellers, Seafury Surface drives produce a higher cruise speed with reduced fuel costs.

Sooner To Plane

Seafury™s load carrying abilities mean craft are quicker to the plane and there is a minimal lazy speed range, as is experienced with some other systems. For example, 10 seconds from idle to 50 knots for a 22 ton mono hull with 2 x 1200HP engines.

Highly Efficient

Seafury Surface Drive propellers operate half in and half out of the water, allowing the propeller to operate in a super-ventilated environment and eliminating much of the drag co-efficient experienced by conventional systems. Surface drives can be 15-25% more efficient than alternate propulsion systems.

Very Cost Effective

Seafury Surface Drives are very competitively priced. The drive system comes as a complete package with shafting, bearings, housing, rudder, inboard steering assembly, coupling and propeller, making them very economical to install.

Excellent Load Carrying

Due to the thrust generated from Seafury™s uniquely designed propellers, excellent load carrying capability and top end performance are achieved. Even with proportionately large increases in loaded weight, minimal boat speed loss is experienced and low boat speed operation is just as efficient.

Safer for Passengers and Crew

The design of the Seafury system maximizes protection to and from the propellers.

Better Astern Performance

Seafury's unique 45° transom design and specially designed large propeller has the benefit of deflecting thrusted water under the hull when reversing. This allows for improved close quarter handling and increased vessel safety.

Quieter and Smoother

Advanced propeller design ensures Seafury Surface Drives produce smooth and efficient performance.

Easy Installation

Seafury Surface Drives are simply bolted on to the transom and can be installed in a fraction of the time and work that it takes to install a conventional or water jet, or other Surface Drive Systems.

Low Maintenance

Simple by design, high strength construction and quality manufacture all contribute to an extremely robust, low maintenance and high performance drive unit.

Advanced Propeller Design

Seafury propellers are designed to suit non-articulating surface drive systems. Correct placement of the driveline and propeller in conjunction with our varying pitch propeller design, along with the use of trim tabs if required, negates the need for a trimmable drive.

Less Propeller Damage

As the propeller is positioned between behind the transom and forward of the aft-hung, Seafury's shallow draft means there is minimal chance of propeller damage.

1 Year Warranty

Seafury offers a one year limited warrantee on its complete Surface Drive System

Complete Solution

Seafury offer a complete propulsion solution, from speed calculation, assistance in vessel design, engine and gearbox recommendations, to the supply of the appropriate drive system.

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