Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems
Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems


Customs Vessel - 50+ knots

"Malaysian Customs have been running Seafury since 2000 at speeds in excess of 50 knots with great success.

To use the words of their Service Support Division - 'They are a very simple, robust and efficient drive system', which we are happy to say exceeded the contractual speed requirements as specified by our department.

Low maintenance and reliability of the Seafury Drives were major considerations when selecting our propulsion system.

The ability of the vessels to achieve high speeds with good maneuverability and to operate in shallow water were all considered critical. 'Having operated Seafury for a number of years we are happy with the performance.' - that happy that they ordered another 10 Seafury SF30 units and have a 75 knot (140km/h) vessel on the drawing board."

Service Support and Marine Branch
Malaysian Customs Authority

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