Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems
Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems

Pure Adrenalin

Luxury Charter Vessel

"I have been operating Pure Adrenalin for over 3 years and have found the maneuverability of the vessel from the thrust given from these drives excellent. The thrust given at both forward and astern at idle is suitable for any maneuvering and in and out of berth. Enough thrust is given when parking astern from one side (in up to moderate conditions) to prevent from having to use bow thrusters or the opposing motor to screw the vessel.

She can reach speeds up to 26.5 knots at 2300 rpm using 350 litres/hour total and cruises at 21 knots using approximately 250 litres/hour and for a 27m catamaran we are very happy with its performance.

When the vessel is both in and out of the water, the drive units and propellers are very accessible clean, inspect and maintain."
And further to the performance of Seafury Surface Drives maneuverability, Brett writes in an email dated 24th August 2007…
"We had a charter last night with rain squalls and wind gusts up to 48 knots. Had to berth PA in 38 knots at Marina Mirage in a very tight berth, with 50 guests onboard all eyes watching and comments of, 'They'll never park it in there', and with another vessel beside us no further away than 3 feet. Another confident manoeuvre and again a tribute to the astern propulsion from the drives."

Gold Coast, Australia

"As a marine performance consultant this product from Seafury has helped and made the final ingredient in many situations of non-performing vessels.

Seafury has literally turned vessels around both on the drawing board and those that have not performed after launch. Over the years we have fitted Seafury in vessels replacing water jets, conventional drives and stern legs. In each case the respective vessels have had performance increases of between 30 and 60%.

The 45 ° transom is awesome in so far as the vessels reverse very easily - 'it's like a dream come true'.

In a following sea the vessel is in total control with Seafury's trailing rudders. In 2003 we delivered a 26 meter vessel to New Zealand for the America's Cup Syndicate Alinghi, the water jets were removed and replaced with SF36 drives, the same hp was retained (900hp) per side, some hulls modifications were undertaken, the vessel went from 11 knots to 27 knots at 64 tonnes!

I hope my experienced input will assist vessel owners and designers to make the right drive line decision when performance, passage making and shallow draft are required. Seafury will meet all the criteria."

Drive Line and Propulsion Consultant
New Zealand

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