Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems
Seafury Marine Surface Propulsion Systems

Robert Henry

Passenger Ferry

"Six years ago 'Cougar Cat" on the Gold Coast, Queensland, constructed a 12 metre Power Catamaran to suit our requirements for operation in the Torres Strait.

In order to travel in the range from 22 to 25 knots, loaded, we specified Cummins C Series motors (450hp), Twin Disc Gearboxes and Seafury Surface Drives.

The SF26 Seafury Drives enabled the 12 tonne Robert Henry to get out of the hole and onto the plane easier and faster than any other drive system we have experienced on our previous vessels.

We now have 7000 hours on the machinery and only have had to change the SF26 drive bushes and seals every 2500 hours. They have provided smooth, economical operation with the added benefit of reduced engine noise as the exhausts vent underwater directly in front of the propellers.

We are planning to acquire another new vessel in the next 2 years and we will certainly be utilizing Seafury Surface Drives."


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